High Court of Judicature at Bombay Tag

As with the other writing on ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’, unless otherwise specified the writing expresses the opinion of  The Voice of Stray Dogs, and not necessarily that of individual VoSD Board members since individual comment/ contribution and consent is neither sought nor received. Here we examine whether this could it be Tamilnadu politics or just the sheer incompetence of the AWBI management, or both, that in case after case AWBI either fails to represent the animals adequalty or in case such as Kashmir and Punjab, fails to representsRead More
  Superman, the once famous horse from ‘Sholay’ caught the headlines through this article when at 39 he is found living a life of illness and obvious dejection in one of Mumbai’s stables. This has come into increasing public glare on account of a Public Interest Litigation that is currently pending before the High Court of Judicature at Bombay. P.I.L. No. 36 of 2011, titled “Animals and Birds Charitable Trust and Others Versus The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and Others”, in which the Mumbai Traffic Police, the State ofRead More