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This is Part II of a multipart photo feature on Srinagar, Kashmir’s dogs which gives an insight into where and how they really live. Kashmir has the tradition of ‘Kashmiriyat’. An etiquette and manner and tolerance uniquely Kashmiri. But Kashmir also has the ‘tradition’ of killing dogs by poisoning them every summer. Much the same way they are in Kerala. To keep the streets relatively free for the ‘tourist’. Issues related to stray dogs in Kashmir, and related to stray dogs in Kerala have been reflected on these pages manyRead More
‘Greater Kashmir’ has been very vociferous and lop sided in its reporting on the issue of Stray Dogs with every single ‘report’ ending with the same line allegedly quoted from a judge on the PIL ‘Will sterilized dogs stop biting’. Behind its thinly veiled reporting is the propaganda calling for the continuation of the Kashmiri ‘tradition’ of poisoning dogs to manage numbers. The publication is now running an open forum where people can suggest what they’d like to do with stray dogs, and you can guess the responses. What ‘Greater Kashmir’ has consistently lacked and actively resisted isRead More