Geeta Seshamani sent a text message on October 31st announcing Gautam Barat’s transition from this plane to the other. I did not go for the cremation. Today, the Times of India announces his Shradh in its obituary section. I will not attend that either. My presence /absence make no difference whatsoever; do not count. Gautam was not a man to fuss about ceremony and I have more than abnormal quirks. Reason enough to write this instead. I shall retain him as I last met him : vibrant, gruff, well-read, aesthetic, affectionate, fast talking, very active,Read More
  In the backdrop of continued ‘conflict’ between those feeding their community dogs and neighbors/ Resident Welfare Associations (RWA’s) and apathy of the police and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi to support the dog feeders, several petitions were filed at the Delhi High Court in 2009. These were (given as Case No.’s & Case titles):     W.P.(CRL) 467/2009; CITIZENS FOR THE WELFARE & PROTECTION OF ANIMALS & ANR. Vs. STATE & ORS. CRL.M.C. 1862/2009; SONYA GHOSH Vs. STATE GOVT. OF N.C.T. OF DELHI & ANR. W.P.(CRL)1101/2009; SIMMY MALHOTRA Vs.Read More