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[The Voice of Stray Dogs investigation and report. Photographs and video interviews at the bottom of the page] Bangalore loves a dead dog. We’ve reported earlier that more dog bites get reported in more detail more frequently than any other city in India. You’d think Bangalore’s dog the most motivated cruelest dogs in India and a non-existent ABC program. Actually the opposite is true. But people, politicians and bureaucratic drunk on Bangalore’s heady growth and need to real estate can be another matter. And there is definitely more bite than bark not talking aboutRead More
The Voice of Stray Dogs report on the case Sandeep’s murder and subsequent reporting. On the night of 31 June and 1 July a small boy went missing in New Yelahanka Town in Bangalore, and was later found dead. As unfortunate as this was, the subsequent actions of the press, the police and the political leadership of Bangalore was even more unfortunate. Each party here has failed to discharge their basic duty – which was to investigate what really happened and take corrective action. In this multi-part series we’ll seeRead More