BBMP Ward 10 allocations for AWS / Dr Srinivas and where they're actually catching dogs
AWS ran the infrastructure and all the ‘ABC Packages’ (package) that Bangalore is divided into, till The Voice of Stray Dogs started unearthing the horrible conditions of the AWS ABC program which led to it being disqualified and a court order issued. To our great surprise AWS facility remained operational and BBMP was quick to point out that this was actually not AWS but Dr Srinivasalu who was awarded Package 10. No-one in Bangalore, those working in animal welfare included, ever knew that. This is the context of a 2Read More
Article by Rakesh Shukla What’s stray dog’s got to do with garbage? Everything – its what they survive on. Its food! When I started working ‘with’ dogs a few years back – it was only love for ‘my’ dogs. Then I realized that my dogs, or the dogs around me are not the only dogs that need help – so I started working ‘for’ dogs. Since the issue that melded this was a now discredited attempt by Bangalore civic, administrative and police authorities to hold stray dogs responsible for the death ofRead More
The Voice of Stray dogs has brought out 2 previous reports on the abysmal conditions & horrific treatement meted out to strays dogs at the AWS facilities. These can be seen as the 1st report on AWB Bangalore & 2nd report in AWS Bangalore. But clearly in-spite of all the evidence gathering, reporting and submissions publicly, to BBMP to AWBI nothing has changed at AWS Bangalore – where the work of systematic cruelty goes on unabated. AWS has no regard for the AWBI SOP, BBMP or in the least the strays dogs. AndRead More