Volunteering, Internships & Residencies

Great organizations are made of good people. Like you! Most help is required in the rescue & rehab side of VOSD. However, we like a high degree of responsibility and ownership and so all or most of our staff is in full-time employment in the time-critical rescue and rehab functions.

Volunteering/ Internship opportunities include:

  1. With VOSD Sanctuary: You are expected to look after dogs with resident staff, clean after dogs, and take care of dogs in medical care. This is a hands-on a job requiring a high degree of compassion and skill. It requires you to (a) have moderate-to-high experience dealing with dogs that are sick and/ or aggressive and (b)  requires you to stay at the VOSD Sanctuary for the duration of your internship (c) sign a VOSD indemnity agreement.
  2. With VOSD Rescue: You are expected to be a part of VOSD Rescue – which means that you are expected to accompany the team and rescue typically gravely injured and in the middle of filth and traffic of Bangalore. You need to  (a) have moderate-to-high experience in handling and medicating dogs (b) sign a VOSD indemnity agreement (c) commit to a mutually agreed schedule and a number of hours per week.
  3. With VOSD Publishing: We are looking for interns and volunteers that make a difference with in-depth stories, photo-essays, data collection & making films that show the plight of Stray Dogs. Create the right perception about dogs  & issues related to them. Make the media, citizens of India and relevant civic authorities listen to you. All such material is published on www.strays.in with credit to you as an author.
  4. With the VOSD digital outreach, creative, fundraising, events: You will work with the best branding, marketing and fundraising in the country – who are industry veterans in real-world marketing. We’re looking for anyone from 1-20yrs of experience. You do not need to be co-located with us in Bangalore.

Steps to volunteer with VoSD

  1. Please fill out this mandatory form to apply. Once you do, we will be in touch with you.
  2. As part of the process, you will be required to sign non-disclosures and indemnity which will be provided once we have arrived at the nature and duration of your assignment. 
  3. You may also download the flyer: Intern or volunteer with your PR, Event Management, Journalism, Photography/ Photo-Journalism & Film-Making skills and download PosterIntern with The Voice of Stray Dogs PDF