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‘Shelter Dogs’ of Traer Scott

All Photo © Traer Scott and from Traer Scott’s book ‘Shelter Dogs’ (Merrell Publishers, 2006).  Photo’s used by permission of Traer Scott by ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’. See the photo gallery from the book here Traer Scott is a Rhode Island based photographer and author of the bestselling books Shelter Dogs (Merrell Publishers 2006), and Street Dogs (October 2007). She specializes in narrative and editorial portraiture and animal photography. Her work has been featured in dozens of other national and international publications.              Read More
The Love of Animals and the Holiness of the Dog In Zoroastrianism by Ardeshir Fahramd , Posted on July 11, 2011 In today’s Iran, some ruling clergy teach that the love of animals, and especially fondness for dogs is a decadent, western value. Unfortunately , stray dogs are killed and abused. My purpose in this article is to show that that the love of pets/dogs is an ancient, revered tradition of the original Iranians; an ancient virtue and a common Indo-European value that must be honored. Ehtirám-I sag; or “greatRead More
Electrocuting dogs or killing dogs in other was common practice that changed with the ABC Rules
The best that a municipal corporation would do before the ABC rules came into effect in 2001 was find the most convenient way of killing dogs. Some, like in Bangalore, chose electrocution. Others chose their own. But ABC did provide the success and the answer that killing did not. Have a look at this presentation by Sanjana Madappa, adapted by Meera Pillai & with principal pictures by Savitha Nagabhushan & Sujaya Jagadish    Read More
Geeta Seshamani sent a text message on October 31st announcing Gautam Barat’s transition from this plane to the other. I did not go for the cremation. Today, the Times of India announces his Shradh in its obituary section. I will not attend that either. My presence /absence make no difference whatsoever; do not count. Gautam was not a man to fuss about ceremony and I have more than abnormal quirks. Reason enough to write this instead. I shall retain him as I last met him : vibrant, gruff, well-read, aesthetic, affectionate, fast talking, very active,Read More
“Romancing the Bastards” is about animals Amit Chaudhary has known (dogs included). For those who know him, know him for his rapier sharp wit and chiseled words. For those who don’t Amit Chaudhery has held country CEO and CXO positions for several Indian and multinational corporations including Motorola, Text 100, ITC Limited, Amway and consults for a California based communications firm, ROI Communications. Chaudhery’s second life is that of an absentee farmer, writer, speaker, controlled vagabond and activist. NB: This text is excerpted from ‘Romancing the Bastards’ by Amit Chaudhery. No partRead More
The Love of Animals and the Holiness of the Dog In Zoroastrianism – a letter to the Parsi side of Diana Bharucha of Stray Dog Free Bangalore (SDFB) Written by Ms Persis Master, a Parsee on 16 July 2010 this is an open letter appealing to Ms Diana Bharucha (a fellow Parsee and the Convenor, Founder and the voice of Stray Dog Free Bangalore (SDFB)  [an organization vocally against any strays in the city of Bangalore and taking a a consistent exptreme view that strays and people can’t co-exist and allRead More