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Authored by Rakesh Shukla for The Voice of Stray Dogs: BBMP officials, Stray Dog Free Bangalore (SDFB) and the media often selectively quotes from the ABC audit report created KIMS and submitted to BBMP in 2007 in support of the argument that ABC is not working and ABC rules should be amended to resume indiscriminate dog culling. You can see this reports here: ABC performance audit report by KIMS 2007. By itself, and when read with the subsequent data available with BBMP it provides for some startling reading on howRead More
Culling by Bangalore civic authorities, illegal as it is, is not new. The Great Bangalore Cull of 2007 saw thousands of dogs die in an unspeakably brutal manner. In this fact filled article published in The Pioneer tiltled “ABC of cruelty towards dogs” Hiranmay Karlekar, eminent journalist, animal lover and author of the seminal ‘Savage Humans and Stray Dogs – A study in Aggression’ discussed today how irresponsible or biased (or both) reporting is whipping up the Karnataka State government to act in the same way as it did in 2007.Read More
This is the humane culling BBMP and SDFB talks about
On 1 July 2011 there was an unfortunate incident, and a mutilated body of a 2 yr old boy was found in New Yelahanka Town, Bangalore. The headlines in most papers immediately put the blame on dogs and gave rise again to calls for ending the ‘stray dog menace’ of Bangalore. It is noteworthy that dog population in Delhi and many other cities is higher or comparable, and yet Bangalore dogs are blamed for vicious ‘pack behavior’, then they must be either more ferocious than the dogs of rest ofRead More