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Add some do-good to your brand’s feel-good. Love is a verb.

If you are part of the CSR or HR teams in any company and would like to contribute to animal welfare in a meaningful way, then please write to us at info@vosd.in

We have some amazing initiatives through which your teams can contribute and share their love with our doggies. 🐕


About VOSD

VOSD is the Bangalore-based privately run non-profit with 80G status. Runs the world’s largest no-kill dog sanctuary & trust with 800 resident dogs, 7,500+ rescues, 250,000+ treatments.

The VOSD trust 12A is supported by the biggest performers & names in Indian cricket, movies, TV, sports, music and comedy. VOSD runs several channels – campaigns, entertainment, products and service to fund VOSD Dog Sanctuary and Rescue.

VOSD | CSR | HR initiatives




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