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VOSD Rescue store


Which is the most used ticket on the VOSD Rescue store? No prizes for guessing the answer. It is the PET SURRENDER TICKET!

We request all of you who want to adopt a dog to think a 100 times before taking up this responsibility. Dogs are like children – innocent and dependent on us. They are a responsibility for at least 15+years. Adopt only if you are ready to care for them as a piece of your heart.

When we chose to welcome an animal, we are adding a new member to our family. Hence it is important that people do everything possible to ensure safety and life long security for their pets. It is a decision that needs to be taken before bringing in the pet home.

Misery faced by abandoned pet dogs

Thousands of pet dogs are abandoned every year in India and it’s a huge challenge for shelters to place them all into loving homes. Many pets end up on streets as strays, they face cruelty and unbearable  pain and distress due to separation from their families.

Once you adopt a dog, please don’t abandon them.

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