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Super Food for Dogs

While you may think the food for your dog is ‘wholesome’ and ‘nutritious’ and as recommended by your vet – chicken & rice meals, roti & milk or kibble/ dog food (especially kibble) is not a complete source of nutrition! No food has all the vitamins, minerals & proteins. Humans complete this gap with the ‘variety’ of foods we eat – dogs can’t. The body can’t produce “essential” fatty acids and “essential” amino acids required for protein synthesis and other essential bodily functions that are critical for growth and wellbeing – they must come from the diet. VOSD DOG CARE™ fills that gap for your dogs with 100% natural products with 0 additives!


VOSD SUPERFOOD™ includes Spirulina + Egg protein + Fish Protein. Power packed for muscle growth and maintenance.

VOSD Omega 3-6-9 for the 1st time 100% pure natural flaxseed source for dogs. For joints, skin & coat and anxiety.

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