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Alleviating the suffering of Stray & Domesticated Animals in Urban India: The 1st Annual National Technical Paper Contest (2014) for Veterinary & Legal papers with a prize money Rs.1 Lakh


1st Annual VoSD Technical Paper Contest logoThis is a technical / research paper competition and your entry needs to focus on a solution and not exemplify a problem. All submissions need to be in-depth, with substantial research and references, should demonstrate original thinking, and the approach formulated should have clarity and completeness. This is not an essay competition. Understanding of ABC, and The PCA and Rules enacted under The PCA for Legal papers, and ABC / vet science for Veterinary papers is a must. Focus should be on solutions that would minimize or eliminate human-animal conflict ; and you could encompass aspects such as (but not limited to)  living conditions, transportation, medical and legal interventions for dogs, cattle, pigs and other animals typically found in urban India, in your submission.  Research and discussions on wildlife, and conflicts arising thereof, may not and will not be a part of the submissions. An abstract of the paper is expected to be 400-500 words and the final paper should be between 4000-5000 words. This contest is open to veterinary students, legal students, research scholars*, practicing lawyers and NGOs**.


Best Veterinary Paper

  • 1st Prize: INR 50,000
  • Consolation prize*: Rs 10,000

Best Legal Paper

  • 1st Prize: INR 50,000
  • Consolation prize*: Rs 10,000


  • Open to veterinary students, legal students, research scholars*, practicing lawyers and NGOs**
  • Each team can have from one to 5 persons.
  • A professor as guide is welcome but not mandatory.
  • The objective of the contest  is to look for practical solutions to real-life challenges.
  • Submission of both abstract and final paper should follow the prescribed  .doc or .odf format  on the form available on www.strays.in

Participation criteria

You are eligible to enter this contest if,

  • You are a research scholar, i.e. you are currently pursuing graduation/ post graduation or doctoral studies in veterinary sciences or in law, from a college or institute recognized by the Veterinary Council of India, or the Bar Council of India respectively.
  • You are a student of a registered educational institute within India.
  • You are a practicing lawyer registered with the Bar Council of your state or union territory, and a member of at least one bar association.
  • You are a member of an animal welfare NGO/ AWO  that is either a registered society or a trust.

When declaring results we will need self attested documentation to substantiate that you meet the Participation criteria. Lawyers shall have to quote their Enrolment numbers as well, and ngos shall have to submit self attested true copies of their trust deeds or registration certificates

VoSD Technical Paper Contest 2014 poster

How do I participate?

  1. Register yourself/ your team for the contest on the form available on www.strays.in.
  2. You will need to furnish all the details required
  3. Please upload the abstract (upto 500 words)  in .docx/ .doc / .odt format ONLY
  4. Please then upload the paper (upto 5000 words) in .docx/ .doc / .odt format ONLY

The 1st level of evaluation will be based on the abstract. If the abstract is shortlisted  your paper will be evaluated by  the VoSD jury. Judgement criteria Entries will be judged with weightage allocations, as under,

  • Originality: 25% weightage is for originality of your concept or solution – Is your idea creative and new?
  • Practicality: 35% weightage is for practical relevance and application – How practical is the concept to implement?
  • Scalability: 30% weightage is for how well the solution can scale over time and how many animals it can impact?
  • Jury’s Discretion: 10% weightage is on judges discretion on overall treatment  * this weightage is applicable only for  students’ entries ** professional entries will not carry this weightage.

Please note, the judging results will NOT ordinarily be shared with participants ; but we reserve the right to do so in any given case, if we deem fit. Our sharing a result with any particular participant will not, however, entitle any other to demand that we do likewise with her or with him. The results, once announced, will be final and binding. *If no entry is considered worthy of a prize,  no prize will be given in the category, and only a consolation prize will be awarded. You agree and accept that it is our absolute right to determine whether or not any entry is deserving of a prize. Abstract submissions. Register with your abstracts and papers online on www.strays.in on/before 31st May, 2014. Word limit for abstract = 400 – 500 The paper should include the following details:

  • Title of the application
  • Name of the college or institute
  • Names & details of the team members (maximum team size is 5, details must include phone number and email IDs of all team members)
  • Complete postal address
  • Professor or Guide’s name (if any)
  • Problem / Challenge identified and addressed
  • Abstract (Maximum 500 words)

Paper format

  • The challenge
    • What is the problem you are addressing?
  • The solution
    • What is the approach you are formulating?
    • How is this not a traditional approach, or how is it significantly more effective than a traditional approach?
    • Highlight benefits.
    • Any other information that you would like to include?
  • Conclusion

Instructions, disclaimers & indemnification

  1. Please include high resolution illustrations in the documents. Add disclaimers if you are using illustrations you do not hold the copyrights for.
  2. All papers submitted to The VoSD will be published on The VoSD website.
  3. Via this submission you give The VoSD the explicit and absolute right to do so; and to share your abstract and / or your paper, or excerpts from your paper, with or without all illustrations and supporting material if any, with the press, or with other opinion makers, or with persons or entities responsible for implementing solutions, or with the body or council that your college or institute may be recognized by and affiliated to, or with any other person or entity that we may, in our absolute discretion, deem fit. Provided that we shall do so under intimation to you.
  4. You agree and accept that you shall not call the same into question at any stage. You accept that by submitting your paper to us, you have vested us with the necessary license to publish, and no further permissions are called for or need be taken by us.

Key Dates

  • Last date for sending entries: 31 May 2014
  • Date of announcement of winners: 31 Sept 2014

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Entry Form for the Contest (2014)

*Team Size
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Upload abstract(500 words): (.docx/ .doc / .odt format ONLY)

Upload paper(upto 5000 words): (.docx/ .doc / .odt format ONLY)
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