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‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ (VoSD) Fund Raise of Rs 30,000 for St. Bernard’s Animal Welfare Trust (Gurgaon)

VoSD Fund Raise of Rs 30,000 for St. Bernard's Animal Welfare Trust (Gurgaon)

VoSD Fund Raise of Rs 30,000 for St. Bernard’s Animal Welfare Trust (Gurgaon)

Read on and participate to help the 30 dogs, 1 bull and 1 emu lovingly brought to health and kept for life by this aging couple in Gurgaon. See about The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD) here

Why does VoSD help other organizations? 

The formative idea of VoSD is to help dogs. The question is the scale of impact. Which is along these lines:

  • How do we impact the lives of 1,000,000X dogs in India? Information, data and analysis. More, and correct, relevant information is critical in influencing policy, court decisions and media opinion. In 2 years VoSD runs the largest stray dogs related content site in the world. And our data is the backbone of multiple court cases in India’s High Courts and the Supreme Court.
  • How do we impact 100,000X dogs in a region? Investigation into agencies acting on dogs keeps them honest. 5 such agencies have either closed or transformed due to VoSDs investigation and reporting.
  • How do we impact 1000x dogs in a city? Direct medical action. VoSD provides the most sophisticated medical care available in India to stray dogs that are reported to us and in our care (in Bangalore). We’re the largest privately run and the most efficient dog rescue agency in the country. And we’re set to scale.
  • How do we impact 100x dogs in a city? We help people who help dogs. This includes police and court action for cruelty and for protecting the rights of citizens. And of helping the individuals and agencies that helps dogs. We call this ‘VoSD Gives’

What is the help we’ve given before?

  • Distribution of laptops and computers to AWOs/ NGOs for bringing in greater effectiveness in their operations. The recipients have included Sarvodaya (Bangalore), Animal Care Society (New Delhi) Fauna Police (New Delhi), CUPA (Bangalore), Friendicoes SECA (New Delhi) and others.
  • Financial assistance to specific dogs in CUPA (Bangalore) and fund raise for Maruthi Animal Shelter (Bangalore)
  • Technical and legal assistance to Cessna Lifeline (Bangalore)
  • Rehoming dogs from shelters in distress including 21 dogs from ARF (Bangalore) and 15 dogs from ARF (Kerala)

Why are we trying to help St Bernard’s Animal shelter at this time?

Today a small independent animal welfare organization called St Bernard’s Animal Welfare Trust, based in Gurgaon, needs your help. It is run by with great grace and dignity by Chrys and Crescentia Scolt Fernandes, an aged couple,  It is funded solely through proceeds from the Bernardo’s Goan restaurant run by them in Gurgaon, and a few kind donors from time to time.

  • It is run in a half-acre farm at Chand Nagar ki Dhani, Farukhnagar, Gurgaon, Haryana. They have been health setbacks and they just can’t work harder, at this age, to provide for the animals in their care.
  • 30 dogs, a bull and an emu call St Bernard’s their home. All have been rescued rescued from various places in and around Gurgaon.

What is the fund raise that VoSD is doing?

While they will require continuous support, VoSD wishes to help them take care of some critical issues. This includes the wire-net fencing that needs to be mended and extended to keep the animals secure; installing 2 gates to ensure that animals stay within the enclosures; an additional kennel and shelter for the oldest dogs in their care; essential medicines. The project costs is

  • Wirenet fencing @ Rs.7000 = 7000
  • Two gates @ Rs. 2500 = Rs 5000
  • House/kennel required for aged dogs = 13000
  • Essential medicines = 5000

Total fund raise by VoSD for St Bernards is Rs 30,000.

Why should you provide these funds to VoSD?

  • VoSD’s fund raises are for honest organizations we know are in need of help. We have credibility, and reach, that we lend to help them.
  • There are no administrative charges or deductions on the funds raised – 100% funds are repatriated to the beneficiary (Sr Beranad’s in this case)
  • 100% transparency is maintained on raised funds. All contributions are listed here in this document and linked from our website at

How can you contribute? What is the process of the fund raise?

  1. Comment on the fund commitment on the VoSD Facebook page and leave a comment on how much funds you’re committing.
  2. Once the total commitments reach 110% of the raise amount the raise will be closed. A higher amount is kept to compensate for non-shows – that is people who commit but do not transfer.
  3. Remember 100% of the funds collected i.e. a shortfall or the excess are transferred to the beneficiary (St Bertrand’s)
  4. Please transfer the funds that you have committed to VoSD within 2 days. Funds can be done via PayPal (on or online/ wire/ NEFT transers (details below)
  5. Remember to write ‘St Bernards’ in the details/comment/reason of transfer section.

How can you participate in this VoSD Fund Raise?

  • Pay via PayPal (on – you can make this in US$ of INR
  • Pay by Check/ Demand Draft/ Bankers Check (in INR)

Make the instrument in favor of ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ in INR

Send to:
The Voice Of Stray Dogs
The TWB Building
4062, 19th Main Road
HAL 2nd Stage,
Bangalore -560008, India
Phone: +91-80-40741410
Online/ NEFT Transfer from India (in INR)
Bank Name: Corporation Bank,
A/C No(RTGS/NEFT): 039800101026974
Bank Address:1082,12th Main,5th Cross,H.A.L II Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560 008
Bank Telephone No: 080.25216738 , 080.25201441


For dog related charities: If you are a stray dog related charity that has a project that requires funding please get in touch with us. We will fund raise if the project and the organization meets our criteria.

For donors: Why should you help stray dogs through us? ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ fund-raises for other charities. We don’t do use money for our own use. VoSD will monitor and update on project progress and ensure completion. All funds are employed for the project – there are no administrative overheads in VoSD projects.

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