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The Chronicles of Chai and Chapati. And the journey of William Pitt-Thacker & Tom Cornish from Rishikesh to Bangalore on bicycles.

It is said that India has 2 affects on people: those who love it as they experience it, and those who can’t wait to get away. And it is also said of people on a journey that they can choose to bring themselves to a point on a map on a jet plane and jet out and refer to what they saw from the taxi glass window as experience. Or they walk it and experience life in the new place for themselves.

Meet William Pitt-Thacker & Tom Cornish. They plan to ride bicycles from Rishikesh to Bangalore! They’d travel down the west coast (via Rajasthan, Mumbai, Goa) in 8 weeks! And they are filming a documentary about sustainable travel – the effects tourism has on local economy, environment and cultural/social habits.

1377396_467093453408381_1182212138_nThe crux of the film is the endeavor to remain entirely carbon neutral/negative. So they’ve offset their flight emissions! And they’re riding around with solar panels attached to our bike trailers to stay off the grid.

Will says “We chose the context of India specifically because Tom and I have both been here a few times before, we love the culture, the people, the food and thought that riding bikes on Indian roads would add a level of excitement to our bicycle journey. You can see the website here

“Our core pillars of focus are Culture, Environment and Economy. Tourists need to consider their behavior, spending habits and waste/pollution when travelling to keep the earth a place worth travelling. Within the pillars we will look at everything; the collapse of local industry due to tourism popularity and consumerism, animal and child welfare, waste management, the effect tourism has on the behavior of local communities etc”

So what’s that got to do with VoSD? Chai and Chapati! 2 beautiful tick and flea ridden sisters they found in Rishikesh at the start of their journey. Chai is the caramel colored pup and Chapati is charcoal in the pictures.

Chai and Chapati are coming all the way to Bangalore. And in Bangalore they’d need a family. That family is VoSD.

1392428_10151957352525210_465316905_nChai and Chapati continue to grow quickly. Will and Tom have promised to take daily pictures, video’s and other candid shots and share them with us – and we shall with you – to bring to you life from Chai and Chapati’s eyes. After much grooming with oil and flea powder they have finally stopped scratching and are bug free. They are now de-wormed and when Will and Tom reach New Delhi they’d be vaccinated.


Chai and Chapathi went to a tailor and had special little suits made up for them for warmth and safety! We can’t wait to bring you the journey of Chai and Chapati in the coming months. And can’t wait for them to live with us here in Bangalore.

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