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The case of BBMP wanting to put down ‘aggressive dogs’: This one LIVE on TV!

A Bombay High Court judgment on ‘nuisance’ dogs‘ is in appeal in the Supreme Court of India. The Animal Birth Control (Dog) Rules 2001 clearly defines the category of stray dogs that can be euthanized. However BBMP seems to have its own spin on it as the incident reported below on The Voice of Stray Dogs Facebook page clearly illustrates – there is a BBMP attempt to label some dogs as aggressive and put them down – an act that is completely illegal. 

On Saturday, 8th Sept 2012, Manasi & Jaysal (husband and wife team) who run ‘The Great Indian Dog Show’ were at an AWO called Sarvodaya on a routine visit to feed the shelter dogs when they learnt that a Labrador retriever was going to be put down and that is was going to be recorded on camera by media personnel from a TV channel. The vets on duty confirmed this to them.

From earlier visits they knew this dog ‘Veeru’ had been dumped at the shelter a month ago at Sarvodaya, an NGO supporting the BBMP’s ABC program. He was dumped by the owner because he ‘constantly barks’ and is ‘aggressive around food’. They’d spoke to the owners to get the dog neutered as under Indian law dogs can’t be put down, they can only be neutered and returned the place of origin. The BBMP Joint Director of Animal Husbandry had obtained an NOC from the owner that the dog is a ‘stray’ i.e. owner-less. The dog was neutered and was put under observation at the NGO.

Veeru, the lab determined to be aggressive and to be put down on TV – after his rescue after furnishing a guarantee required by BBMP for his release

On Saturday, the Sarvodaya management was present & the Joint Director Animal Husbandry Dr Piran was present along with members of the media. This was to telecast Veeru being euthanized after the ‘conclusion’ that it was indeed aggressive. And it was going to be done in front to TV crews.

In the face of stiff resistance by Manasi & Jayal the dog was let out of the kennel and jumped around as another 1 year old dog. This is a video of Veeru on Saturday

On repeated requests to release the dog the following conditions were imposed (1) that the dog will be microchipped (2) that in case he bites 50 times the compensation sought will need to be paid (2) in case of a death due to a bite 50 times the compensation paid to the next of kin will need to be paid . It was quoted that if a compensation of Rs 1 lakh compensation is sought, Rs 50 lacs/ US$ 100,000 will need to be paid to BBMP. The figure was specifically mentioned.

The debate ended with unless such an undertaking is provided the dog will be euthanized on TV on Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

Veeru, the lab determined to be aggressive and to be put down on TV – the guarantee required by BBMP for his release

Thereafter there were a flurry of representations made via mail by Manasi & Jaysal to BBMP, AWBI and to Ms Menaka Gandhi. Ms Gandhi intervened with BBMP that the dog needs to be released, if required with the undertaking to Rakesh or Kelly of The Voice of Stray Dogs or Manasi or Jaysal.

On Monday, September 10th, 2012 Rakesh, Manasi & Jaysal retrieved this hyper ‘aggressive’ dog from the NGO.

He is nothing but a 1 year old tied to a rope lab starved for attention. He gets hyper active at the prospect of going out. He wanted to have his head out of all 4 car windows at the same time! He’s aggressive for food because he’s had so little of it – every rib can be seen. He made a meal of the food he got and almost choked because he wanted to gulp all of it at the same time. He’s already living with at least 10 other dogs including 7 Indian dogs, 2 GSD’s and a Lab. The little pups are able to take away his chewies – so much for his aggression.

*events on/before Saturday on record by Manasi & Jaysal on mails

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