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VoSD is raising INR 60,000/ US$ 1,200 for The VoSD Care Center for Stray Dogs in Bangalore, India

The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD) is in the process of building out a Care Center for Stray Dogs (VoSD Care Center). VoSD have already leased a plot about 1km (as the crow flies) from HAL Airport and Marthahalli. The location is approachable both from Outer Ring Road and HAL Aiport Road. This is a request to help VoSD raise funds to erect the Center and help the dogs of Bangalore.

Location of the proposed VoSD Stray Dog Care Center

Note to donors:

  • All funds used only for the capital expenses – all additional requirements and operational & veterinary expenses will be taken care of by ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’.
  • All payments received and use of funds are reflected publicly under VoSD Projects as VoSD Receives & VoSD Gives respectively on
  • All funds employed strictly for the project – there are no administrative overheads in VoSD projects.
  • A commemorative foundation stone will be erected on site with the names of all persons and agencies that have contributed to the VoSD Care Center
  • You will have an update on the development undertaken on this website by way of updates and reports. You will be sent a receipt for the received funds

What is the VoSD Care Center for?

VoSD rescues stray dogs and after the critical phase so far all VoSD Rescues are shifted to private households, which is not always the best solution. VoSD needs a place for the dogs to be able to facilitate the best treatment.  The VoSD Care Center will:

  • Treat injured dogs, have an inpatient facility and place for recovery, rehabilitation and adoption of puppies.
  • Have round the clock monitoring and will have one supervisor and one care taker.
  • Be able to take 5 emergency cases
  • Have a puppy area for 5-10 puppies
  • Provide a monthly awareness program for children and parents in the surrounding area s between human being and animals.

These resident dogs are already fed and taken care of my VoSD

What will be funds be used for?

  • The proceeds of the fundraise will go towards fencing, flooring and erection of shelter made of metal sheets.
  • All material used will be removable and can be reused at another location if/when the lease runs out.

How does this tie in with other VoSD services?

  • The VoSD Mobile Hospital Service will be launched shortly. The infrastructure has been ready since January 2012 but the project was delayed on account of our then partner/NGOs refusal to supply the necessary veterinary support & infrastructure. This is now in the final stages of being put together. The service will be announced soon and will dovetail into the VoSD Care Center
  • This is funded by internally by VoSD and no funds were raised/required
  • VoSD Helplines and VoSD Ambulance Service will be available at the same time
    • This is funded by internally by VoSD and no funds were raised/required

    Essentially the VoSD Mobile Hospital and Veterinary services for Stray Dogs, the VoSD Helplines and VoSD Ambulance service will be available in conjunction with each other and as one integrated service for the stray dogs of Bangalore.

    How do you pay?

    • We request you to contribute towards this by sending funds for the amount you desire to ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’
    • Please indicate via a comment on this page how much would you like to contribute. Once the funds are received we will indicate this on the VoSD Receives page. This is important since we’ll close the fund collection on the commitment of Rs 60,000/ US$ 1,200 by donors on this project.

    Location of the proposed VoSD Stray Dog Care Center

    The details for transferring funds to ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’

    US$ or other foreign transfers via Wire Transfers

    A/C Holder: ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’
    Bank Name: Corporation Bank
    A/C No(RTGS/NEFT): 039800101026974
    ECS SB CODE: 039800101XXXXXX
    Bank Address: 1082,12th Main,5th Cross,H.A.L II Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560 008

    INR transfer (checks/demand drafts)

    Checks or demand drafts in favor of ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ in

    Send to:
    The Voice Of Stray Dogs
    The TWB Building
    4062, 19th Main Road
    HAL 2nd Stage,
    Bangalore -560008, India
    Phone: +91-80-40741410

    INR payment (Online/ Wire transfer)

    Bank Name: Corporation Bank,
    A/C No(RTGS/NEFT): 039800101026974
    Bank Address:1082,12th Main,5th Cross,H.A.L II Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560 008
    Bank Telephone No: 080.25216738 , 080.25201441

    For dog related charities: If you are a stray dog related charity that has a project that requires funding please get in touch with us. We will fund raise if the project and the organization meets our criteria.


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