‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ is raising INR 25,000/ US$ 500 for the Maruthi shelter for stray dogs at Bangalore

For dog related charities: If you are a stray dog related charity that has a project that requires funding please get in touch with us. We will fund raise if the project and the organization meets our criteria.
For donors: Why should you help stray dogs through us? ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ fund-raises for other charities we don’t do use money for our own use. VoSD will monitor and update on project progress and ensure completion. All funds are employed for the project – there are no administrative overheads in VoSD projects.

Maruthi houses 150 dog with adequate protection against nature and good food

Maruthi Animal Charitable Trust (Maruthi) is a facility that houses over 150 dogs on Sarjapur Road – a little outside Bangalore. Most of these dogs were housed at the Anand Chaya Shelter that was abandoned/shut down and these dogs were in a very poor health condition. On knowing this Mr Sundaram Reddy stepped in (this was 2007) to take care of these dogs. A mild mannered person who speaks little, and very deliberately, he continued to house these dogs in a shelter in Hennur, but in May 2008 the dogs were shifted to Haraluru, Bangalore. In Aug 2011 all the dogs were shifted to their ‘permanent’ home that Mr Reddy has erected for them a little off Sarajapur Road.

Maruthi's little monkeys IV

Mr Reddy takes care of the expenses including the infrastructure, food and healthcare on his personal account and the best he can. There is a permanent staff of 4 workers, and 1 doctor and 1 manager volunteer their time at Maruthi. Most of the 150 dogs here are from Anand Chaya, but some that have been rescued and brought here at different times later.  It’s quite a job for 1 person to pay for and maintain the infrastructure.

The dogs are are fed at 9AM on a porridge of ragi (millet) malt, 3 dozen eggs and  10 liters of milk. At 3 pm they get a rice, chicken and vegetables cooked together. The volunteer vet comes once a week to take care of health issues. While most are dogs in good health, some of the dogs are blind, are lame (on 3 legs) and suffer from skin diseases.

The Voice of Stray Dogs has seen the facility several times and can vouch for the effort that is being made to maintain the dogs at Maruthy. A few places need continuous input however which is where The Voice of Stray Dogs is stepping in to help Maruthi.

Maruthi's kitchen serves a good meal - but needs a permanent structure

The 1st project is the construction of a larger kitchen & a better fence for the dog enclosure. The fence is a makeshift metal grill put together with wires and stone weights, but from which dogs regularly escape – this enclosure is within a walled compound so the dogs can’t run away however it is important for their safety that the dogs stay within their enclosure. The kitchen is makeshift and the food is cooked on the floor – hygiene is maintained as was evident in our surprise visits – but a better cooking infrastructure is desired.

The budget for the fencing of the enclosure and the kitchen is Rs 25,000/ US$ 500. We request you to contribute towards this by sending funds that you desire to ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’

  • Please indicate via a comment on this page how much would you like to contribute. Once the funds are received we will indicate this on this page
  • This is important  since  we’ll close the fund collection on the commitment of  Rs 25,000/ US$ 500 by donors on this project.
  • You will have an update on the development undertaken on this website by way of updates and reports. You will be sent a receipt for the received funds

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Bank Name: Corporation Bank,
A/C No(RTGS/NEFT): 039800101026974
Bank Address:1082,12th Main,5th Cross,H.A.L II Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560 008
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