Keya Mathews for 'The Voice of Stray Dogs'

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Keya Matthews an 11 year old sells Rs 4600 of cookies and gingerbread to support stray dogs

Keya Mathews for 'The Voice of Stray Dogs'

11 year old Keya Matthews raises Rs 4600/ US$ 100 through her baking to support 'The Voice of Stray Dogs'

Keya Matthews is 11 years old and studies in Grade VI at NAFL (National Academy For Learning). She loves to bake and so a little over a year ago, she and her mother Melissa started baking classes for little children under the name Flour Garden. Keya started getting her own baking orders in the process.

Keya decided to support ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ at the 100 Hands Collective where she was selling her yummy baking. She decided to give all the proceeds of Rs 4,600/ US$ 100 from her baking sale to stray dogs through ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’. Keya has previously supported different causes including animal and for differently abled adults. It is a way of Keya doing something she enjoys while she contributes to a cause. As she herself says, “it is more meaningful to do it this way.”

To support ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ Keya took the day off school on a Friday and sold fresh strawberry cupcakes, fresh lemon cupcakes, sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Her special was gingerbread cookies in dog and bone shapes! She is very fond of animals and five years ago, decided to turn vegetarian as she is against cruelty to and the killing of animals.

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