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“X Marks the spot” a collaborative ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ Google Maps project: Marking the areas with open garbage

“X Marks the spot” is a collaborative ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs‘ project using Google Maps to mark all areas in Bangalore which have either have an ‘Open garbage dump area’ or ‘BBMP open garbage segregation area’.

  • ‘Open garbage dump areas’ (shown in blue) are areas where residents throw garbage in the open and it is not a collection/segregation BBMP center
  • ‘BBMP open garbage segregation areas’ (shown in pink) are areas where BBMP’s garbage collectors dump garbage out in the open to it to be segregated later.

"X Marks the spot" is a collaborative 'The Voice of Stray Dogs' project using Google Maps to mark all open garbage dumps in Bangalore

Either way, garbage is lying in the open and feeds the dogs that no-one wants in the 1st place. If BBMP kept the place clear of garbage there wouldn’t be the number of dogs in the 1st place.

We want you participate in building this out if you are in Bangalore. Write in with your Gmail ID to ( and we’ll send you a collaboration request with instructions on how to label the areas that are in your neighborhood. You will need to photograph what you mark on the map and send these pictures to us.

The motive here is simple – this is not litter – this is mountains for uncollected garbage (300 tons of edible waste is left uncollected in Bangalore everyday) that the dogs feed on primarily. To make Bangalore stray dog free, it has to be made garbage free as well. 

What will happen with this map? ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ is a pressure group – we collect credible information and make it public to civic and other relevant authorities to take action. We actively pursue with RTI/ legal / other action. We have succeeded in making other change(s). If you ensure your neighborhood garbage dump (and pictures) is on this map – we can assure you that with this collaborative effort it will go!


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