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Alka’s Dozen: The woman with eyes like diamonds, a heart of gold and 12 stray dogs


Alka's babies

Alka grew up in Allahabad. Stray dog menace was never a problem during her childhood and the number of street dogs was rather small. 20 years back her family decided to move to Bangalore and seeing catching vans, starving dogs and cruelty towards stray dogs  broke her heart and she decided to make a change in her area.


Alka is a home-maker and lives in a beautiful house near Varthur Road – Whitefield (Bangalore, India). She has 12 Indian Dogs at home and cares for plenty other dogs in her neighborhood. Her eyes sparkle when she talks about her dogs. Only because of one woman, who sticks to her beliefs, dogs in her area live a happy life. Each of her dogs have their own story to tell. She rescued each of them and as you can see in the pictures they they feel a warm heart when they see one.

She is constantly threatened and terrorized by ignorant people but she still wouldn’t give up caring for her dogs and she has cut off almost all the contacts with her neighbors.

Alka is a very special lady with a big heart and clearly The Voice of Stray Dogs. Her message to Bangalore’s citizens: Please don’t waste your food. What you waste is good enough to feed a starving dog.

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