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Animal Welfare Society (AWS) was actually blacklisted in Hyderabad – but not checked on the same parameters in Bangalore

AWBI had actually blacklisted AWS in Hyderabad

Animal Welfare Board of India via letter dated 2 December 2009 bearing reference No24-41/200-10-AWB had communicated to the CVO GHMC that Animal Welfare Society (AWS) did not have “trained personnel & adequate infrastructure” and therefore should not be allowed to continue ABC in Hyderabad.  It also says that “no contracts/ grants should be awarded” to AWS.

It is interesting that several AWS office bearers commented on ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ 1st article on AWS demanding this proof – even though the article had not claimed in any way that AWS was a blacklisted organization. This document clearly calls that bluff.

It is interesting that AWBI and BBMP in the presence of this knowledge continued to let AWS operate unhindered in Bangalore.

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