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AWS Bangalore on 8 Sept 2011: The killing continues!!

Pic I: Either (1) this dog was operated, organs taken in the count and died in surgery or (2) it really had tumor but organs were still removed and counted for cash from BBMP

The Voice of Stray Dogs volunteer(s) arrived at AWS  to check the no. of dogs ready for drop.

What was different was that all the dog catching vans were ready for the drop even though the CNVR surgeries were under progress!  By 3PM vehicles were already ready to go to release the dogs that had been operated within the past couple of hours at the most. What was doubly surprising was that there was only 1 vet on the scene.

Dead dogs:

  1. There was 1 dead dog in the kennel that the staff said had a tumor and had to be put down. The problem with that theory is that that ABC was still performed on the dog and organs taken for the count. A plausible explanation could be that the dog died as a result of the surgery.
  2. The volunteer(s) also learnt that there was another dead dog in a garbage bag discarded and hidden in the bushes outside the building – but the volunteer(s) could not locate the body.

Watch the video: Video from AWS on 8 Sept 2011: An ABC stray dog’s body was hid in the bushes covered with an old cloth. When enquired they said the dog had Rabies symptoms and was put down. AWS staff had confirmed rabies just by looking at the dog!

The volunteer(s) informed Dr Piran (Jt Director, Animal Husbandry, BBMP) about the missing body. A BBMP inspector and another vet (Dr Deokar) had arrived by that time.

  • Dr Piran instructed the inspector to keep the organs of the dead dog outside the count
  • The inspector prevailed on the AWS to show him the body of the other dead dog hidden in the bushes.

AWS assistants finally showed the inspector the body in the bag near the workers quarters. When asked why the dog was put down the explanation from the vets was that ‘it showed symptoms of rabies i.e frothing etc’. The volunteer(s) opened the dogs mouth and nothing different could be seen about this dog. Note: the dog was not on record to have been aggressive or having bitten anybody.

Dr Srinivasalu called the AWS vets and told them categorically that volunteer(s) are not allowed to enter the premises without written permissions of the BBMP.


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