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A very good ABC Center at “Sarvodaya Sevabhavi Sanstha” at Veterinary Hospital, Mysore Road, Chamrajpet (Bangalore). Investigation on 7 Sept 2011.

Filled out medical sheets

The investigation was done on a surprise visit to Sarvodaya Sevabhavi Sanstha operating out of Veterinary Hospital, Mysore Road,  Chamrajpet (Bangalore), on 7 Sept 2011s and it’s the first time ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’  visited the place. In general the facility is clean and well maintained. If you would, though , make a comparison between Vet Society and Sarvodaya you’d notice that Sarvodaya has to operate in a much smaller area than Vet Society.
The team, some of them already known to us from the Sarvodaya’s Panathur ABC Center were very welcoming and showed us the facilities without hesitation. The following were our observations:


  1. Pre-surgery area is outside because of the lack of space. However tables are very clean and everything was well arranged.
  2. The OT was built up in two small rooms, 2 tables in each room. Although the work needs to be done in such small areas, it was set up in a very good and clean manner. Both,  the surgeries and the stitching  are done in a professional way. The medical sheets was well maintained immaculately for every single dog. Overall very well organized.
    • Remark: It was shocking to see the fungus on the wall & ceiling.  Not very healthy to work in such an environment. The team however maintained that they have already raised it to BBMP and are ‘hoping’ for action. More pro-activeness is desired.
  3. All the tagging was correct and no mistakes were found.
  4. The recovery area is outside and was very clean.
  5. The following vets: were on duty: 1. Dr. Kokila 2. Dr. Lavanya 3. Dr. Jayanthi 4. Dr. Rajeev 5. Dr. Somesh
  6. At least one manager is available all the time, on the day of the visit it was Mr. Vinay Morey

It was noteworthy that this team beams out a certain warmth and you can feel the love for animals. Once in a way they take up emergencies cases although space and facility is not provided for it. We hope to see more such facilities in the future!

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