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Nothing humane about killing strays – when ‘informed citizens’ such as the team of “Stray Dog Free Bangalore” & BBMP corporators call for killing strays – people do!

Stray dog brutally killed in Brookfields Bangalore with electric wire

This gut wrenching picture comes from Vikas. The incident is of the night of 8th & 9th Aug 2011. This is near where he stays in Brookefields, Bangalore next to the Kundanahalli petrol station.

She was in a group of about 20 dogs that Vikas has been feeding everyday for the last 2 years. They’d gather around feeding time and go their separate ways afterwords. She was one of the tail wagging community dogs – happy to be living and getting a meal. Vikas had been feeding her for 1 year. She had a litter last year. After the litter weaned, Vikas got her spayed & vaccinated at CUPA.


On 8th morning she did not show up because it was raining, but he fed her on 8th night. On 9th morning Vikas found her killed. He asked people around but no-one wants to come forward or comment.

If you see the pictures he took on 9th morning – you can see the method of this brutal death. A thick electric cable has been wound around her neck and twisted slowly – choking her. This is not something that could be done in a hurry, neither would she have gone quickly or quietly. In her last gasps she’d have coughed blood also seen. Her neck was likely first caught in the thin blue nylon chord before the attack with the electric wire, and likely held down by a person’s foot as they went about their gory business.

Stray brutally killed in Brookfields, Bangalore with electric wire

When people masquerading as ‘informed citizens’ call for ‘killing dogs humanely’ –  this is actually what they’re calling for. At the time of the Great 2007 Bangalore Dog Cull – championed by Stray Dog Free Bangalore and BBMP – it was clearly seen there is nothing ‘humane’ about the BBMP’s methods. When they make statements calling for the blood of stray dogs – the average person starts thinking it must be OK. After all if you’re reading this as the headline of a newspaper, being mouthed by an ill informed corporator, or well dressed members of equally ill-informed organization masquerading as an NGO, there can’t be anything illegal or immoral about this?

All of Vikas’ dogs are vaccinated & sterilized. They have never bitten anyone, some bark at vehicles, but none are ferocious or aggressive. He plans to put collars on them in the hope that they are treated with a little more consideration that this wonder girl got. She, like so many stray dogs of Bangalore, had her body picked up by BBMP workers and disposed off.


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