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Parsi Kua ki “Rani” – Mumbai Stray Diaries

All images and text © Abodh Aras, CEO, The Welfare Of Stray Dogs, Mumbai. Used with permission by The Voice of Stray Dogs.

"Rani" the 15 yr old resident of the Bhikaji Behram Kua (Parsi Well)

“Rani” has been living at the Bhikaji Behram Kua (Parsi Well) for the past 15 years. This well is located near Cross Maidan. It was dug in 1725 by a Parsi citizen as a thanksgiving gesture after being saved from a potential calamity.

Rani has slowed down over the years and is found sitting in the compound of the well precinct. She sits either at the door under the photograph of Zarathustra or on one of the green wooden benches or somewhere near the well. She has always been a very gentle dog loved by the Parsi worshippers who visit this holy place and of course the attendants who dote on her. They are always very concerned about her and call WSD very promptly if she is suffering from any ailment.

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