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Relocation does not make Bangalore Stray Dog Free – but Levin’s making a difference

Watch the video of a Stray Dog illegally relocated to Banaswadi railway station – attacked and blinded

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This is report of Levin’s 1st hand experience of the last few days in Bangalore, and already shared with Dr Parvez Piran, Dir. Animal husbandry, BBMP. It clearly shows that the illegal relocation of the dogs in Bangalore has become usual practice. This also shows the barbaric results of such relocation not only for dogs but also for humans as the conflict between dogs for territory on relocation actually increases many-fold the conflict with humans. Stray Dog Free Bangalore’s vociferous claims of ‘relocating’ dogs from urban Bangalore, and parroted by the political leadership of Bangalore can only lead to disastrous results. Note to reader: ALL DOG RELOCATION is ILLEGAL violating The ABC Rules of 2001 and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960.

On 16th July 2011 Levin got alerted by a resident when dogs were barking loudly and one of them seemed injured – this dog was picked up by the AWO and and relocated – causing the resident dogs to attack. This particular dog was already neutered (clearly seen because of the  notched ears) and in clear case of illegal relocation was dropped near Banswadi Railway Station. Dogs are territorial and will attack other dogs. This process is a noisy, bloody, and fatal on the relocated new or weak community dogs and disturbs the entire locality with sleepless nights. This dog was badly injured in the fight – has both his eyes gouged out it in the fight and is completely blind.  The dog is now being kept at the Sarvodya Animal shelter. You can see the horrific effects of the media frenzy, repeated statements from the local political leadership and talk from pressure groups such a Stray Dog Free Bangalore.

Levin has been trying to minimize the man, animal urban conflict for a long time now by:
  1. Maintaining data on community dogs. He has been a pioneer in actually maintaining data on dogs in his locality, including keeping headcount and interfacing with both the local AWO and BBMP to minimize conflict. He also makes sure that BBMP’s Animal Husbandry Deptt has information in writing about his findings and the situation on the ground.
  2. Working to ensure quick garbage collection by BBMP: The garbage management is satisfactory in his area and the (Vivekananda Nagar Residence Welfare Association) Secretary is directly in charge of the garbage in this area.  He ensures that the Health Inspector collects garbage on time.
As a result in his community
  1. Complaints are none existent: In Cooke Town with residents, NGOs/ AWOs and the President & The Secretary of the Residents Welfare Association, have been brought down to zero.
  2. Crime is down in the commnity: Late night theft & crime has been brought down to zero – Not only is the community of dogs safe, but his community is also safe with zero related to night theft/ crime etc (can be confirmed by local Police Station at Frazer Town).
  3. No dog packs: In his community dogs don’t go to the garbage dumps in search of food, majority of the residents feed community dogs, and there are specific places were feeding happens. As a result there are NO roaming dog packs, dogs are spread with one or two in front of each house who looks after and feeds them.
    Only location where there are issues is on railway property nearby, where this is chicken and mutton waste. This is where this relocation and attack happened.

Levin has requested the BBMP to handle Dodda Banswadi and its surroundings with utmost care –  many of the residents are illiterate land owners and linked with political leaders with no knowledge on  the Animal Birth Control (ABC) program and its advantages. Levin has also requested BBMP in writing to find out the NGO operating in Dodda Banswadi area in the last 4 days and that has relocated dogs here at take action. More power to you Levin

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